Post-editing your photos is a fantastic way to make your photos truly stand out on your social media channels. Especially to grab the attention from brands, new followers and existing followers. Whether your goal is to become a social media influencer or to showcase your photos to a large social media audience, using smartphone photo editing apps can be a fantastic way to achieve your ambitions. While photo editing can seem daunting, especially if you’ve no prior experience, I have never been trained on how to edit or take photos. I’ve just learnt through trial and error what I like and what my audience enjoys. It has only been recently, I have invested time to find advice online to further my smartphone photography skills. As a result, I strongly recommend throwing yourself into editing your amazing photos, have fun and accept that for you to improve your editing skills you need to constantly edit.

I have therefore shared with you the 5 Smartphone Photo Editing Apps I use to increase social media engagement and to support my social media influencer tag.


This fantastic app will quickly enhance your photos from being seen as good to awesome! If you’re in a rush you can quickly click the “Auto Enhance” button to allow Photoshop to automatically edit your photo or you can manually edit. While I prefer the old layout of this photo edit app, the new layout does have more of a modern vibe. 


I can’t speak highly enough of this advance photo edit app. Since investing into Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, I have seen a dramatic increase in engagement on my social media pages, especially on Instagram, as this app has allowed my photos to transform into professional looking ones. Although, that’s only my opinion. Having no prior experience with Lightroom, I was skeptical about investing into it, but since taking the plunge I have never looked back and highly recommend you download this app. Especially, how much control you have on areas such as exposure and colour saturation.


Part of my Smartphone Photo Editing begins with either using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Lightroom then sending the finished edit to Enlight’s photo edit app. This is because I enjoy using Enlight’s features to add a few more adjustments to my photos. Especially, the ability to target specific areas to photos to make them stand out. For example, increasing the exposure of a subject. While you can do that on Lightroom, I prefer doing this on this app. I also love the Duo Filters, the layout and the ability to easily skew.


After using the Enlight app, I tend to move onto this photo editing app. I have fallen in love with Mextures’ Guest Formulas, as they offer powerful and emotive filters that can really help your photos stand out and encourage engagement. Often, I find it difficult to choose which filter I like, as each formula can have a significant effect on the photo. To help me choose which one to post on my main Instagram page, I post the series of edits onto my Instagram stories to see which ones people like the most. Then, after I have seen which ones people enjoy the most, I then post it onto my main gallery. This app therefore provides plenty of cool content for you to use and store for future use.


I have now discovered the most enjoyable, imaginative and creative app to create beautiful storytelling images. Plotagraph offers such a wonderful editing experience, where if you’re patient and determined, the results will be hugely gratifying. Essentially this app allows you to create movement in your still images to help them come alive. Resulting in creating eye-catching images for your users. The amount of engagement I have had on images created on this app has been incredible. With so many apps out there, I believe this one is a must download! Discover what I mean by clicking the link below.

Example on my Instagram Page


These 5 apps are essential to your smartphone photo editing wardrobe, where I usually edit my photos by following the order above, as I believe each of these apps provide valuable editing tools to get that desirable and engaging photo you desire.

Please Comment Below the apps you use, as I’m always searching for new ways to create eye-catching content.


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